About Decatur, Alabama

Formerly known as Rhodes Ferry Landing, Decatur is a major city in the territory of the state of Alabama. A very Southern type of business strategy was the city’s tool for its economy to boom when it was still starting to enter the doorstep of becoming a city. For it is situated along the banks of a river, it developed an economic system primarily dependent on it, and that alone opened the gates of Decatur’s way to prosperity. Its boating traffic went into a stop though when the neighboring city engaged itself into the race for space explorations. Today, like the majority of the nation’s cities, it’s focusing more on land industries and not on the river business anymore. Its neighborhoods, though not formally divided, are composed of the Northeast, Southeast, Limestone County, Southwest, and Northwest. Some of its famous sub-communities are Cedar Ridge, Burningtree Mountain, Albany, Hickory Hills, and Moulton Heights. The city is nicknamed The River City for it is situated along the Wheeler Lake, the second largest of its kind in Alabama. Besides that, other bodies of water are flowing throughout its bountiful lands such as the Chula Vista Lake and Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge. Flint Creek is flowing along the state of Tennessee while the Tennessee River is the largest tributary of the vast Ohio River. A major park in Decatur is the Alabama Jubilee which is well-known for hosting an event for hot-air balloons. The metropolitan also owns the Delano Park, the oldest of all parks contained in the city.

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