About Dothan, Alabama

When in Dothan, you’ll never forget peanuts. Dothan in the state of Alabama, USA is the “Peanut Capital of the World” since they celebrated in 1938 because of their abundant harvest. In everywhere you go, you won’t miss the humungous peanut monuments displayed all over Dothan or go for the opposite and see the World’s Smallest City Block. They also feature agricultural arrays, beauty pageants and the many arts & crafts. Just like any Southern blood in Alabama, resident folks give off the warmth vibe to their visitors. The city won’t run out of things for you to do as you can shop, fine-dine, do sports, be entertained by their musical and arts performances and still have the luxury of resting in affordable hotels. The city expects you stay for as long as you like, even if it’s only just for an overnight and enjoy the sight of their boldly and vibrant colored buildings. If you like making things rough then High Oaks’ trail is your adrenaline rush or paved your way into the harmony through Dothan Area Botanical Gardens. Their southern hospitality also reflects on how they value their cultural heritage which is seen in their Landmark Park. Dothan hospitality is not just soft in the inside but they are also tough on the outside as 160 military aircrafts are seen on the U.S. Army Aviation Museum for those aviation-junkies. Humidity takes the credit of the hot spots in Dothan where Adventureland Theme Park and Water World takes the people’s mind off the hot weather.

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