About Florence, Alabama

Florence, named after the famous and classic capital city in Italy, is a leading metropolitan in terms of economic status in the nortwestern section of Alabama. Ferdinand Sannoner, a surveyor who worked for the Cypress Land Company, surveyed the land and gave the city its name. This area belongs to The Shoals, along with Tuscumbia, Muscle Shoals, and Sheffield. These four forms a Metropolitan Statistical Area and among them all, Florence is the largest city and the head, too. The Univesity of North Alabama, the oldest state-certified institution throughout Alabama, is standing proudly in the city of Florence. Almost each section of the city has places of interest and cultural spots. A very popular structure made by the world-class architect Frank Lloyd Wright can be toured in the city, the Rosenbaum House. The Kennedy –Douglass Center for the Arts is the city’s core for very ancient exhibits with significant historical values. During the Civil War, Pope’s Tavern was used as a hospital for the armies which would make this structure as one of the oldest in the city. Parks are all over Florence. Festivals and other important events are held in the Wilson Park. Martin Park is very conducive for jogging, playing, picnicking, and swimming. The newly established park in Florence which is Deibert Park features trails, a museum for children, and also courts for games. Other major parks are Cox Creek Park, River Heritage Park, Martin Park, and Wildwood Park. All of these sites can provide recreations and private moments for everyone.

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