About Gadsden, Alabama

Aside from possessing beautiful mountains, lakes, rivers, and falls, the city of Gadsden is the perfect place to live in. The city is an ideal community that offers superb quality of life. Conveniently located in Etowah County in the State of Alabama, about 65 miles northeast of Birmingham, enjoy relaxation as nature can find harmony in this magnificent place. Tourists can truly get captivated by its historical and scenic sites, yet still can enjoy the many cultural events and entertainment activities they offer. Gadsden offers a picturesque and natural scenic view with its abundance of falls and mountains. Among these is Noccalula falls, which was named after a beautiful Indian girl. The parks make up the city’s historical places including a gorge trail which reveals ancient caves and Indian engravings, aboriginal fort, a deserted dam, and Civil War engravings. A huge botanical garden with flourishing flowers envelopes the whole park. Aside from these flowers, the park has an available camping area complete with facilities and picnic areas. With its humid subtropical climate, the place is perfect not only for visitors who want to avoid the snowy winter but for those who are looking for a moderate climate throughout the whole year. The combination of nature and the success of its economy make Gadsden rank as the 11th small metropolitan area in the United States for a new business attraction. A big tire company invested millions of dollars in this place because of its economic atmosphere. Nowadays, Gadsden is a blooming place with thousands of hospitable residents working together to make the city a better place which will be memorable to its visitors.

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