About Madison, Alabama

Whether you search for the exquisite beauty of the different historical structures and museums, the fascinating and outstanding landmarks, as well as fine class hotels, restaurants and theme parks Madison City, Alabama is the place to be. Some captivating place of Madison City is the Clay House Museum. This old fashion museum tends to showcase great artworks for the local artist. This museum who aged 100 years gave its eyewitness its astonishing Noritake porcelain that suit for the vintage decorative style. Madison City is proudly to introduce its Limestone Zoological Park and Exotic Wildlife Refuge. This Zoological Park is one of a kind here in the Madison City of Alabama exhibiting its Animal that is made out of limestone. Another best attraction in the place is its theme parks. Some of these are the Rainbow Mountain Loop Trail and the Dublin Park. The Rainbow Mountain Loop Trail will take you to different rock formation, fossils and breathtaking waterfall. The trail also takes you to a place where fantastic and great view is located. Another spot is the Dublin Park. This Park will surely give you a bunch of laugh through its best ride and amusement. Confidently the tourist and the visitors of this place will surely love and enjoy its beautiful sights to see. One of those is the Roundhouse in Madison. This is a replica of the first ever built city hall in Madison. Accompanied by the Roundhouse’ original structure from the original city hall, these emphasize that the place is more significant and historical in nature.

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