About Mentone, Alabama

Mentone is a town in DeKalb County, Alabama, United States. As of the 2000 census, the population was 451.Mentone is home to many private summer camps, including Camp Desoto for girls, Camp Riverview for girls, Camp Laney for boys, Alpine Camp for boys, Camp Skyline Ranch for girls, Lookout Mountain Camp for boys, and others. The town is also well known as a center for arts and crafts, with numerous shops and several great restaurants. During the summer, the population more than doubles. During the winter, it is famous for being the only place with snow skiing in Alabama, at Cloudmont Ski and Golf Resort.In April 2003, it was the town nearest the epicenter of a magnitude 4.6 earthquake. The surprise quake alarmed residents in the dark hours of the morning and was felt across several states, but caused no injuries and only minor damage even in the town. Mentone is in the ridge and valley region of the far southwestern Appalachian Mountains, an area that generally goes several decades between significant earthquakes, and has never had a major one in recorded history.

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Mentone Facts

  • Population Total: 451
  • Square Miles: 4.7
  • Area Code: 256
  • Elevation: 1736
  • Postal Codes: 35984
  • Timezone: Central (North America)