About Mobile, Alabama

For a truly unique experience, a trip to Mobile City in Alabama is a definite choice. It is home to settlers that came from France, Britain, and Spain. You would think you are actually in Europe, not in some distant town in the United States. With a rich history behind it, the city offers tourists many great attractions to choose from. There is a great and rich diversity of cuisines available to try out. You can try all types of these, from French to the British, and Spanish. Since the city is a major port, you can also go relax by the sea side and watch many ships or boats coming in, a sight to behold. The city is host to some major festivals during the year. One of these well known festivals is the Pecan Festival. This festival plays host to many acts, and has a wide variety of music available. Be sure to try out the different assortments of cuisine available during the festival. You can wine and dine with your family and friends at a fraction of the cost during the festivities. Make sure you make it a family outing. For those who are heavily into the arts, there is the famous Museum of Mobile. This museum houses some of the oldest pieces of art and murals. The museum is also a great source of historical culture and heritage. This is definitely another family outing spot; tag along with some friends as well to take some great pictures.

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