The Top Ten Alaska Tourist Attractions

There are many exciting places to see and visit in Alaska. When you visit Alaska you will be visiting the biggest state that is within the USA. Alaska has a lot of features that is natural and unique such as Myriad Islands. Here are the top ten Alaska tourist attractions.

10. Alyeska Resort

In Girdwood, Alaska you'll find Alyeska Resort which is a very nice ski resort that is located 27 miles away from Anchorage and some of the Chugach mountain range is Mount Alyeska and it's one of the largest ski mountains in Alaska. In 1954, the Alyeska Ski Corporation was founded.

9. The Yukon River

If you find yourself in Northwestern, North America then you should visit the Yukon River. It's one of the major watercourses of North America. In British Columbia, Canada is where the main source of the Yukon River is actually located. The lower part of the Yukon River is what lies in Alaska. It's a beautiful sight to behold and one that you won't forget.

8. The Tongass National Forest

The Tongass National Forest is one of those national treasures that everyone will love. You will be able ot view bears, eagles, salmon and so much more. You can take a hike or either go on a sled dog ride on the glaciers. The forest is located in Southeastern Alaska and it's one of the biggest national forests that is within the USA and has 17 million acres.

7. Alaska Zoo

If you are in the city Anchorage Alaska and possibly visiting Alyeska Resort then while you are there be sure that you check out the Alaska zoo that's in Anchorage. Over 200,000 visitors come to Alaska yearly and visit this zoo. The zoo has polar bears, wolves and so much more.

6. The Alaska Native Heritage Center

This is a fun and exciting center and it's also in Anchorage Alaska. The center is a cultural institution and it is very educational. In 1999 was when the center was officially opened. Inside the center you'll be able to see the Hall of the Cultures and it also has a very nice gathering place.

5. Totem Bight State Historical Park

The Totem Bight State Historical Park might be considered small compared to some of the other big parks in Alaska but it's very beautiful and stunning. All of the totem poles happen to be very well displayed. The park is located in north of Ketchikan and it's a 33 acre state park.

4. Eaglecrest Ski Area

Located in Douglas Island, Alaska is the stunning Eaglecrest Ski area. It has 3 Nordic ski loops, 34 alpine runs marked and it also has four double chair lifts that access 640 acres. Currently it is public property but a few of the legislators in the region have suggested that it be marked for privatization.

3. Mount Roberts

Mount Roberts is also known as Roberts Peak. This is a mountain that is 3,819 feet and its located east of downtown Juneau Alaska. It is also noted as accessibility from Juneau plus for the Tramway of Mount Roberts. It can carry both tourists and passengers from the sea level of 1,800 and up to the top of the mountain.

2. Matanuska Glacier

This glacier is located in Alaska and it's known as the valley glacier. It's one of the biggest glaciers that you can easily find to be accessible just by driving in your car. It's near Glenn Highway and it's around 100 miles northeast of the city Anchorage. The glacier terminus has changed over the past three decades since 2007 because of the ablation of the low glacier.

1. University of Alaska Museum of the North

The mission of this museum is to help acquire, investigate, conserve and to also interpret the specimens plus collections of the artistic and natural cultural heritage in Alaska and of Circumpolar North. It has fantastic public exhibits throughout the museum.

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