About Yakutat, Alaska

Yakutat City and Borough ( /?jæk?t??t/) is a unified city-borough in the U.S. state of Alaska. As of the 2010 census, the population was 4035. The name is Tlingit, Yaakwdáat ("the place where canoes rest") but it originally derives from an Eyak name diya?quda?t and was influenced by the Tlingit word yaakw ("canoe, boat"). Besides the original City of Yakutat 59°32?49?N 139°43?38?W? / ?59.54694°N 139.72722°W? / 59.54694; -139.72722 (the urban part), described below, the only other significant population center in the borough is the community of Icy Bay, the site of the Icy Bay Airport, in the west-central part of the borough. Yakutat City is the largest city in the United States by area, and the twelfth largest city in the world by area. Yakutat is about six times as large as the state of Rhode Island.

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  • Population Total: 4035