The Top Ten Arizona Tourist Attractions

In the USA Arizona is one state that gets a lot of attention and tourist throughout the year. Arizona is very rich with both historic and natural attractions and all of them are unique. Arizona has desert areas plus mountains and rivers. Here are the top ten Arizona Tourist Attractions that you should visit when you go to see this incredible state.

10. Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

The Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park is one of the most incredible and photographed places on earth. The landscape is just amazing by both size and with beauty. Monument Valley is just one of those experiences that is wonderful and something that you will not forget. Be ready to have a lot of film and a good camera whenever you do visit the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park.

9. The Phoenix Zoo

The Phoenix Zoo is fun for the whole family! The zoo has special events that happen throughout the year. The Phoenix Zoo also has some very exciting programs and outreach opportunities available plus they even have adult workshops so that way everyone can have some fun. The Phoenix Zoo has over 1,300 animals and 200 of those are endangered species. Some of the animals include the Cheetah, African Lion, Prairie Dogs, Meerkat, Warthog, Crowned Pigeon, Golden Conure and many more animals. Call the zoo ahead of time and see what events might be happening at the time that you would like to visit them.

8. Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

The Desert Museum has many incredible featured events that happen throughout the year such as their Raptor Free Flight event that is happening in October 20th 2012 and it goes until April 14th, 2013. Discover the Desert Museum Behind the Scenes by going on a tour. You can select the tour that suits your interests or either you can experience all of the tours that they offer. The museum is even open on holidays.

7. Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument

In the Northern Central Part of Arizona you will find the Sunset Crater Volcano. You cannot hike to the top of the Sunset Crater Volcano in order to protect you from the erosion that still continues but you can experience the volcano just with walking by the Lava Flow Trail. It is a very exciting and educational experience for all ages.

6. The Desert Botanical Garden

The Desert Botanical Garden is one place that is very inspiring and has some breathtaking exhibits and it is your chance to see natural beauty at its best. The garden has over 1,000 volunteers and over 50,000 plant displays that are showcased in the outdoor exhibits. The owner's vision of The Desert Botanical Garden is to be the center point of the world for displaying, studying plus for understanding the desert plants and the kind of environments that they have. Researchers from around the world come to the garden to experience and discover the desert plants and they always discover much more.

5. Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu attracts over 2,500,000 visitors every year. The lake is also popular during spring break. This lake has something for everyone between sandy beaches, walls of canyon, coves, desert landscapes, cool waters and inlets you will find that you will be having fun for the whole day. You can easily plan a weekend trip to Lake Havasu. It does not matter if you are seeking a romantic place to stay in Arizona or maybe just a place filled with adventure because Lake Havasu has it all.

4. Slide Rock State Park

Have you ever dreamed about going on a picnic and enjoying landscape and water that is just stunning? You will have your chance at the Slide Rock State Park. Make sure that you wear a pair of jeans with cutoffs and old shoes that are good for hiking in and comfortable. You might want to consider taking a pair of clothes to change into when you are done hiking. The rocks are smooth but still might do some wear and tear on your clothes so that is why you should wear clothes that you do not care about when you go to this park.

3. Tempe Town Lake

The Tempe Town Lake gets over 2,775,000 visitors throughout the year. You can spend mornings at the Tempe Town Lake sailing on the waters that are crystal clear and when you get hungry then you can go for a picnic on the grass that is nice and green. In the afternoon you can go to the outdoor amphitheater and hear a concert. There are dozens of fine restaurants at the Tempe Town Lake and plenty of activities that you can do throught the day and year.

2. The London Bridge In Lake Havasu

This might seem like a very odd spot to be a popular destination in Arizona but the London Bridge is one of a kind and it is very incredible. The London Bridge in Lake Havasu is 950 feet long and it weights over thirty tons. The town also created a village that has many structures Tudor style and it also has a variety of shops. There are many things that you can do in Lake Havasu but you should never miss out on a chance to see this bridge and village.

1. Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon National Park has over 4,400,000 visitors every year. The Grand Canyon National Park is just one of those experiences that is breathtaking. The peak travel season is in the summer months but if you visit Grand Canyon National Park in the Spring and Fall you will find that it is still just as amazing. You can take part of a tour of the Grand Canyon National Park and see beauty like you have never seen it before.

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