About Avondale, Arizona

The Macopa Country in Arizona is lucky to have Avondale City. Excitement and fun are very evident in the city because it is the home of the Auto Racing Facility as well as the Phoenix International Raceway. If you love cars and enjoy competition, Avondale city should be on your vacation list. You will surely find peers here that enjoy the same interest. Fun and excitement is not just the things that Avondale City could offer. It also has a wonderful community which promotes healthy lifestyle, productive business, good career and world-class education. Agua Fria High School, Westview High School and La Joya Community High School in Avondale do have professional staff that would provide proper education to your children. The city government of Avondale is continuously looking for ways to improve its wonderful communities. It has different departments like the Parks, Libraries and Recreation Departments that could aid in planning events and development plans for the city. Tourists who experienced staying in Avondale City will never forget the natural beauty of the Monument Hill. The famous Base and Meridian Wildlife Area can be found at the foot of the hill. Different species of animals and birds could be found here to amaze every one about the hill and the city’s secret. Don’t be the last to visit Avondale City. Be the first to see the natural wonders as well as the friendly and peaceful community here. In this city it you can guarantee the best and most memorable vacation experience.

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