About Buckeye, Arizona

Buckeye is one of the largest towns in Arizona wherein it has a total area of 400 sq mi. However, though it acquires large area, the town doesn’t really have public transport but the government is already planning to provide transportation for the sake of the community especially that its population is increasing each year. According to the bureau of census in America, Buckeye already has an estimated population of 52,764 in 2009, which is far from the 8,497 population in 2000 record. Since the place has a large area, there are a lot of parks developed as well as recreation centers. There are activities created for the kids, youth, and the adults. The activities are scheduled from Monday to Thursday and start at 9am and end 7pm. There are also public libraries built to give the kids and the youth the chance to learn. Buckeye education starts in one of these elementary schools, Buckeye Elementary District or Liberty Elementary District. Those who wish to continue their secondary studies, the city offers Liberty Elementary District, Agua Fria Union High School District, Buckeye Union High School District and Youngker High School. With regards to higher education the government is still working with the project in searching for the right location. Estrella Mountain Community College is the only college school located in Buckeye that serves the students of the Buckeye town. There are a lot of improvements waiting for the town of Buckeye and with proper transportation it will hope to encourage more businesses.

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