About Chandler, Arizona

Chandler City is known as one of the crowning jewels in the state of Arizona. It is the suburban area of Phoenix and is about 20 miles from the south of Sky Harbor International Airport. One of the things that attract people to the city is that it offers about 300 days of sunshine. As a result, it comes with a resort style living that continues to invite lots of tourists. The city got its name from its founder, Dr. A.J. Chandler. Its humble beginnings state that the city started from a mere 18,000 acre ranch area. Even its number of residents has grown from about a thousand to over 250,000. Recently, Chandler City was recognized and awarded with the prized recognition of All America City 2010. This is because it was able to successfully address and overcome the many challenges it got to encounter. The cost of living in the city is relatively high but still provides quality housing that can fit any kind of lifestyle. This is especially true for the passionate golfers who visit one of the many golf courses in the city such as the Hotel San Marcos. The city is the perfect place for those searching for a perfect weekend getaway. It can even serve the best vacation since it lets travelers feel they are back at home. As such, many people find pleasure in thinking of relocating to this amazing city. Thinking back to its humble beginnings, it is really amazing to discover how much change the city has gone through. If there is one thing that Arizona would be most proud of about Chandler City, it would be its diverse, rich and colorful culture that has really captured the attention of people throughout the world.

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