About Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Lake Havasu is a suburb in the state of Arizona’s Mohave County. Based upon the estimates of the Census Bureau in 2006, Lake Havasu’s population was 56,355. It initially began as a rest camp of the Army Air Corps throughout the Second World War along Lake Havasu’s shores. Lake Havasu City Airport serves Lake Havasu City. The city was founded by Robert P. McCulloch in 1923 as a projected community. Robert had bought 14 square kilometers (3,500 acres) of property on Lake Havasu’s eastern side beside Pittsburgh Point, a peninsula that in the end changed into an island. In 1978, Lake Havasu City was incorporated. The current city developed near an old mining settlement founded in the 20th century. In 1938, the lake was developed on the Colorado River by Parker Dam. The London Bridge, the main tourist spot in Lake Havasu City, crosses a 280-meter (930 feet) long artificial canal that runs from Colorado River’s Lake Havasu to Thompson Bay. It was taken apart, and the stone relics were taken to the city and were rebuilt for $7 million. In October 1971, the London Bridge was opened to the public. Today, the London Bridge ranks second as the most visited tourist spot in the state of Arizona, after the Grand Canyon. Among the famous residents of Lake Havasu City were actor Michael Biehn, Playboy playmate Crystal Harris, Ohio News Network’s broadcaster Jim Heath, ex-pitcher of the MLB Bob Milacki, and a past American football player Ryan Reynolds.

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Lake Havasu City Facts

  • Population Total: 55,657
  • Square Miles: 43.0
  • Area Code: 928
  • Elevation: 735
  • Postal Codes: 86403-86406
  • Timezone: Mountain Standard
  • Website: