About Prescott, Arizona

Located at the southern part of Granite Dells, the city of Prescott is the county seat of Yavapai County in the state of Arizona, with a total land area of 41.5 sq. mi. of which 0.8 sq. mi. is water. In May 30, 1864, the city of Prescott was founded as the Capital of Arizona Territory and named after William H. Prescott. Prescott is the author of the “History of the Conquests of Mexico”. It was in 1883 when the city was officially incorporated. According to the story, there are three names which were initially proposed for the name of the city; Aztlan, Audobon, and Goodwin City. However, they chose the name of Prescott because of the reason that he was a true patriot and a good citizen with love of country. Today, the Sharlot Hall Museum (Old Governor’s Mansion Museum) was opened to preserve the Prescott’s territorial history as well as the folklore of the Yavapai County. The museum is also listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Other museums in the city like the Phippen Museum and the Smoki Museum also houses same collections as the Mansion Museum. The city also boasts the numerous Victorian style homes that were built in the place where 809 buildings were also listed in the National Register of Historic Places. For recreation, there are four golf courses in the city like the Antelope Hills Golf Course. Other golf courses are the Prescott Lakes Golf Club, and the Hassayampa Golf Club.

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