About Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale City is one of the well known vacation spots that can be found in the state of Arizona. The reason why this is a much loved vacation hotspot is because of its amazing weather that remains sunny even during the months of winter. Aside from this, the city has been able to overwhelm a number of its tourists because of its remarkable scenery. For this reason, it is often considered as a paradise by most vacationers around the country and other international tourists. With its perfect all-year round weather, Scottsdale has become every golfer’s haven. This is why there are lots of golf courses that can be found in every corner of the city. It is also packed with a lot of stunning resorts that can truly provide an amazing experience. Shopping is another activity that many people choose to do Scottsdale city. The Scottsdale Fashion Square is one of the upscale shopping centers which feature top quality boutiques scattered all throughout the downtown area. Most of the stores are seen in the waterfront area of the city and in the Borgata shopping district. The dining experience offered by the city is also incomparable. They offer their own bestselling eateries such as the Stingray Sushi and the Cowboy Ciao. For the wine aficionado, a visit to the Su Vino Winery in the old town is a must visit. Scottsdale also boasts of its exquisite nightlife experience. Geisha a Go Go is one of the hottest night spots in the city which features the popular pink cocktail called ‘Hello Kitty.’

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Scottsdale Facts

  • Population Total: 217385
  • Square Miles: 184.0
  • Area Code: 480
  • Elevation: 1257
  • Timezone: Mountain Standard ; (no ; Daylight savings time ; )
  • Website: