About Sierra Vista, Arizona

Sierra Vista is known as the largest city among the seven cities that incorporated in Cochise County, in the state of Arizona. The name of the city is a Spanish word which means “Mountain View”, and has another nickname of the Hummingbird Capital of US, for the reason that bird watchers coming from different countries are gathering in the adjoining Ramsey Canyon Preserve just to watch and take photos of various species of birds within the area. In addition, Sierra Vista is a favorite spot of amateur astronomers in Arizona. In fact, a well-equipped large observatory is placed it the University of Arizona to serve this purpose. Moreover, the city of Sierra Vista is the economic and commercial hub of the Cochise County wherein a lot of prominent business are residing in the city center of the city, such as Home Depot, WalMart, Marshalls, Lowe’s, K-Mart, and Target. The Mall at Sierra Vista, an indoor shopping center, is the first major mall in the southeastern Arizona. Fort Huachuca, the US Army base, is the major employer of Sierra Vista City. Sierra Vista has been the home of some famous personalities and beauties. Among them are Nicole Powell, a WNBA basketball player; Erin Nurss, who was Miss Arizona in 2008; Glenn Spencer, an activist against in unlawful immigration; Audrey Sibley, Miss Arizona 2005; Michael Wray, 1st winner of the Hell's Kitchen; Brandi Milloy, who is the finalist of Oprah’s Big Give and Miss Sierra Vista 2005; and Don Frye, mixed martial arts fighter.

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Sierra Vista Facts

  • Population Total: 43888
  • Square Miles: 153.46
  • Area Code: 520
  • Elevation: 4633
  • Postal Codes: 85600-85699
  • Timezone: Mountain Standard ; (no ; Daylight savings time ; )
  • Website: