About Tucson, Arizona

Among all the cities in the United States, Tucson has received the 32nd spot for being the largest. Geographically speaking, this city is truly unique because it is surrounded by mountains such as the ranges of Santa Rita, Rincon, Tortolita, Tucson, and Santa Catalina. Furthermore, it is situated near a volcanic mountain. As such, it has been called Tucson, which came from the word “Cuk Son” meaning foot of the black hill. The downtown part of this city houses the tallest building which is the UniSource Energy Tower. The other major attraction sites in this part of the city include the Art Deco Fox Theatre, St. Augustine Cathedral, and its oldest restaurant, the El Charro Cafe. The Midtown area of Tucson has its own grace and beauty. McKale Center and the city’s biggest park, known as Reid Park, are the ones responsible for giving its spectators a different type of amusement. The southern part of Tucson has been painted with historical events. Sentinel Peak and Marriott Starr Pass Resort and Spa are some of the first rated destinations from the west. Even up north, posh estates and vast areas of magnificent resorts make Tucson a proud city. Although the east side is fairly new, it has its very own recreation area which is incomparable to none. Tucson hosts annual events that produce a number of smiles, laughter, and stress free moods. They have The Lost Barrio, Fourth Avenue Street Fair, Tucson Folk Festival, Gem and Mineral Show, Meet Yourself and several other interesting events. Moreover, the city’s fun filled gatherings can definitely make any tourist enjoy his day in the city.

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Tucson Facts

  • Population Total: 520116
  • Square Miles: 194.7
  • Area Code: 520
  • Elevation: 2389
  • Timezone: Mountain Standard
  • Website: