About Fayetteville, Arkansas

Tourists are primarily attracted to a beautiful natural environment and artistic building structures since most of them like to take pictures with their selves and the nature as their background. Tourists usually spend their day travelling and taking pictures. At the end of the day, looking at the pictures gives tourist a feeling of fulfillment just like what everyone may feel in the city of Fayetteville in Arkansas. The best spots in the city are the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks, the Walton Arts Center, the Bikes Blues and BBQ as an annual event and the structural building, the stone house and the Old Main. The City’s Botanical Garden of the Ozarks could give visitors a nature ride in a different level. They have the so-called botanical garden where different types and seasonal kinds of flowers are raised in a scientifically manner. To have better experience while in this garden, they build café and dining terraces where visitors have an overlooking view of the blooming flowers as they enjoy a cup of coffee. In addition, one of the highlights of the place is the hiking at lakeside trail. If tourists enjoy performances of artists, there is a place for that in the city of Fayetteville – the Walton Art Center. This is the largest performing arts center in the city. The art center indulges the visitors and tourist with their high-class arts facilities that would surely leave them amazed and wanting for more. In addition, the city of Fayetteville also have some of the best structural buildings that boasts of typically distinct designs. They have the oldest building of University of Arkansas in the name of Old Main. The Old Main features the Arboretum, James William Fulbright statue, Senior Walk, bells and the clock of the building. All of these have a significant value to the university and to the City.

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