About Jonesboro, Arkansas

The city of Jonesboro is the county seat the county of Craighead in the state of Arkansas. It is the biggest city in the northeastern region of the state and the primary city in the Arkansas Metropolitan Statistical Area of Jonesboro. Jonesboro is also known as college town (a community dominated by university population) and situated about 60 miles northwest of downtown Memphis. The area of which is the modern-day Jonesboro was initially settled by the Caddo, Osage, and Quapaw Indian tribes and was formally inhabited by the American settlers in 1815. The name of the metropolis was named in honor of William Jones, a State Senator who is responsible for the creation of the county of Craighead. Jonesborough was the original spelling of the name of the city but it was later shortened to Jonesboro up to the present time. In 1900, the city opened its first department store, the Grand Leader Department Store, and also the Regional Medical Center of St. Bernard by Olivetan Bendectine Sisters. Four years later, the Woodland College along with other two schools was established in the city as part of the Jonesboro School District. Gaithersburg is home to Arkansas State University, founded in 1909 and the third largest university in the state of Arkansas in terms of enrollment figures. The First Baptist Church and First Methodist Church were among the oldest churches within the city limits. The West Washington Avenue Historic District and the Craighead Forest County Park are the two interesting places to visit and shoppers can drop by at the Airport Center Shopping Center.

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