About Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock is the largest city in Arkansas. The name of the city originates from a small rock formation. The city was used in the past as a landmark for river crossers. It is also known to be one of the places for many Native Indian settlers before settlers arrived from afar from places like Europe. There are many spots to visit in this city. For kids, there is the Little Rock Zoo, where a wide variety of animals are showcased. For people who are lovers of art, there is the Arkansas Art Center to visit. Perhaps the most famous place is the Museum of Discovery. The museum is one of the oldest in Little Rock. The museum houses many artifacts and documents relating to science, history, and technology. The museum also has many collections of masks and animal collections. This is definitely a place to visit for all education enthusiasts. Getting to Little Rock is relatively easy. It has a major airport where most national American airlines fly to and from. There are plans to modernize and expand the airport, which is evidence of the growing number of people visiting the city. Low-cost airlines also use the airport as a hub; many people can thus budget for their travels with the availability of such airlines. Tourists will find many great hotels and sources of accommodation available in the city. If you are looking for a place to get away for some good relaxation and recuperation, Little Rock is definitely one of the places you want to consider in your next travel plans.

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