About North Little Rock, Arkansas

Little was known about the town called the North Little Rock until the Civil War. This town grew as a junction that connected river and traffic over land. This town was formerly known as Argenta when it was plaoted and surveyed in the year 1866. In the year 1890, the residents incorporated Argenta into a city; however, its neighbor across the river of Arkansas was much quicker and immediately passed legislation to possess Argenta which made it the eighth district of the city. Several years later, a businessman named William Faucette introduced a legislative bill to allow the creation of a new city by taking over the North Little Rock. Argenta and North Little Rock merged in the year 1903 through the votes of the residents. Today, North Little Rock is composed of over 60,000 people with an estimated 53.5 square miles of diversified and amiable people, beautiful parks, landmarks, excellent recreational areas along with the cycling and walking trails along the Arkansas River. A lot of restaurants, business and entertainment facilities have also prospered all throughout the City of North Little Rock. Residents here enjoy an improved quality of life with a safe and organized neighborhood, booming financial growth and development that earned them the recognition as the Volunteer Community of the year. The city is led under the progressive leadership of Mayor Patrick Henry Hays. Under his political climate, the city continues to grow and exude public confidence while working closely with neighboring cities, towns and business districts to promote more solid relationship for better development. Currently, the North little Rock City utilizes a master plan for its zoning regulations and promotion of responsible money management to assertively pursue economic opportunities. With people all working for the success of the city, North Little Rock will keep on running smoothly.

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