About Rogers, Arkansas

Arkansas is among the popular states because of its notable residents like Ernest Hemmingway, former president Bill Clinton, and Scottie Pippen to name a few. But in addition to just these individuals, it also has cities like Rogers with its own attractions. Among the prominent attractions in the city is Rogers Historical Museum. With its free entrance, you’ll surely enjoy different exhibitions inside various items depicting the Civil War and other heritage items of the city. Families, particularly kids will enjoy the area with the activities they can experience hands on within the museum. Another location for families is visiting the Hobbs State Park Conservation Area. It’s comprised of the developments done along the Beaver Lake with hiking trails. The good thing about this location is the family can both enjoy the area and nature at the same time. Different golf clubs are also available in the area for golf enthusiasts out there. Examples of these are Prairie Creek Country Club, and Lost Springs Golf & Athletic Club. These golf clubs come in different sizes and suitable for people who are into golf regardless of their skills in playing this game. When you're ready to depart from the city, one of the sweetest ways in remembering your friends and families at home is buying sweet and delicious preserves from House of Webster. They have a wide array of items like jams, homemade bacon, cheese samplers for the holidays and more. In fact, many companies contact this provider to help them prepare with their corporate gifts because of its top quality tastes.

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