About Springdale, Arkansas

Known as the Heart of Northwest Arkansas, Springdale's positive aura radiates from its name to the local residents. Found in the counties of Washington and Benton, the friendly vibe and outgoing personality of Springdale as well as its geographic location shines also in their economic growth and natural beauty. The city’s climate goes both in extremities, very warm during summer and very cold when it comes to winter. Outdoor activities are the hype of recreation; either camp near Beaver Lake, canoe in the Mulberry River, Kings River and Buffalo River, or hike for just one hour away to the nearby Devil’s Den State Park and Withrow Springs State Park. Other attractions include Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park and Eureka Springs. One of the reasons why Springdale is at the top of its game is because of Tyson Foods Incorporated. It is based on Springdale’s land and is the largest meat producing company all over the world thus, making Springdale the “Chickenopolis” and the “Chicken Capital of the World”. Everyday more and more expanding and encouraged corporations are looking at Springdale as an ideal headquarters for their businesses. That’s why world leaders and big sharks call the city ‘their home’. They see Springdale springing to life and being on the edge of the industry. The economy has been a diverse as Tyson Foods’ also makes their renowned protein production which related to the food consumptions of the herds of cows and on their poultry. Even as small as ‘towlette’ used to change dirty diapers can be found in the midst of the city. Locale residents are proud of their own city because of the many opportunities it brings to their lives and as always in their adage, “there is something for everyone in Springdale” is a true mantra in their hearts and souls.

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