About Antioch, California

Antioch is a thriving city in Contra Costa County in California. Antioch is considered to be one of the oldest towns in the state. The city had a rich culture and tradition with unique charm that is incomparable to her neighboring cities. Antioch is also considered as a bedroom community because most adults are working in larger cities like San Francisco and Oakland. When you are in Antioch, your stay will surely not be boring. First stop is the Black Diamond Mines Regional Park, which presents the remains of various coal mines as well as coal mining towns such as Judsonville, West Hartley, Stewartille, Somerville, Somersville and Nortonville. It would also be delightful to see interesting landmarks in the city such as The Cannery Lady, Roswell Butler Hard House, Riverview Union High School Building and El Campanil Theatre. Antioch/Oakley Regional Shoreline offers its visitors to do fishing. Antioch Skatepark is a great place if you love rollerblades and skateboards. Another astonishing area is the Contra Loma Regional Park & Swim Lagoon, a man made lagoon, wherein swimming and fishing is possible and you can also see great scenery as well as trails. Some of the amazing events that you should not miss are Contra Costa County Fair, Antioch Fairgrounds Flea Market, Antioch Speedway and Rivertown Jamboree. These events are held annually, which attracts numerous crowds. Antioch is truly an amazing city to be discovered, wherein there’s a lot of interesting places to see and even an endless supply of activities to do.

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