About Azusa, California

Although it was a common joke around town that the city of Azusa in the state of California got its name from the compression of “Everything A to Z in the USA”, the name of the city was really from the word Asuksagna. The city was incorporated in December 1898. Its current moniker is Canyon City because it is strategically located in the entrance of the San Gabriel Canyon. Azusa was previously the home of companies like Lucky Lager brewery and Aerojet but eventually, these companies relocated to other areas. Apart from the school district that addresses the educational needs of the residents, the city is home to Azusa Pacific University and Dhammakaya Open University. The former is a Christian University and the latter, a Buddhist University. The safety of the residents and visitors is manned by the Azusa police force. In the past, the city had its own fire department. However, this was merged together with the county of Los Angeles. The police department of the area was the first to use the Chevrolet Camaro as a police car. There are several interesting sites to see and places to visit because Azusa does not lack in both. The city’s history can be relieved by visiting the Durrell House Museum. Other famous establishments include the Azusa Foothill Drive-in Theatre, which is now a state landmark. Golf courses are abundant in the city and offer a relaxing ambiance to those who are in the city for a time out or a business trip.

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Azusa Facts

  • Population Total: 46361
  • Square Miles: 9.656
  • Area Code: 626
  • Elevation: 610
  • Postal Codes: 91702
  • Timezone: Pacific
  • Website: