About Bell Gardens, California

Bell Gardens is a city in southern California and is considered as a suburb of Los Angeles. To locals, this city is nicknamed “the Hub of progress.” This is because it is a place that offers the same things that a great city would generally be expected of. The tire company, Firestone, bought several land properties in this city because they were struck with its magnificence. Bell Gardens has a rich history which dates back to the Spanish occupation of Mexico. As proof of its historical richness, defenses were made here during the first and second world war. Even though it is considered as a young city, this is not used as a disadvantage. In fact, it is this bit that makes it the preference of many. The city has numerous parks to visit such as John Anson Ford Park, Bell Gardens Veterans Park, Marlow Park, Darwell Park, and among others. Recreation and Community services are offered such as Skate Park and government courses. For the seniors, the senior center offers fun and exciting activities where they can happily meet other seniors who are as energetic as them. This center offers an array of billiard tables, excursion, exercise rooms, bingo games, and monthly celebrations. Free health screening, aerobics, and bus passes for disabled and seniors are also offered. For parents, Bicycle Casino is a place to go to. This is the venue for several major poker tournaments. Adults are not the only folks who can enjoy this place. Activities for the young are also provided by the city management. These programs are designed for children to interact with their friends and make new ones. Activities include help with their homework, sports, games, arts & crafts, excursions, special events, meet and greet, and many more.

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Bell Gardens Facts

  • Population Total: 42072
  • Square Miles: 2.459
  • Area Code: 323 ; 562
  • Elevation: 121
  • Postal Codes: 90201, 90202
  • Timezone: Pacific
  • Website: