About Burbank, California

Burbank city is situated in the north part of Los Angeles just right off the Ventura Freeway. This is the place where you would find a large number of studios and productions like Warner Brothers, Disney, NBC and Universal. It is also where the popular Woodbury University was established way back in 1884 by F.C. Woodbury. The city is proud to be reaching their success with having to focus on three primary ingredients namely: people, pride and progress. Their continuous growth can be greatly related to the fields of aviation and movies. Up to this very day, it has remained to be an entertainment oriented place which boasts of a high quality of life for everyone who lives in it. It is a perfect place to feel the warmth of a small town combined with modern technology. When you get to visit the city, you would probably be seeing the Burbank International Airport that is in closest proximity with Hollywood itself and downtown Los Angeles. Another worthwhile attraction to catch in the city would be the NBC Studio Tour that will walk you through the entire broadcast complex. It will feature some behind the scenes look straight at The Tonight Show taped right on the lot. This goes the same with the Warner Brothers Studio tour as well that would run for about two hours. Burbank city is the perfect place for you to be especially if you are a movie and film fan. It also boasts of a high end lifestyle that you can try living

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