About Chino Hills, California

The suburb city of Chino Hills of Los Angeles, California is in the southwest side of San Bernardino Country. The city has a Riverside Country in the Southeast, Orange County in the south, and Los Angeles County in the northwest side. As of 2005, the city has 80,897 but it is expected to grow year after year. The Chino Hills City is a popular place and as evidenced, the city is featured in the Money Magazine. The city was placed in the 68th position in the Magazine’s search for the “Best Places to Live 2005”. The FBI of United States also provided the state with the title “13th Safest City in US”. The tourists can totally enjoy their vacation in the city without worrying about their safety and protection. The city has a boosting or increasing economy, in fact it was known as the 6th place in the highest income earner of the United States. The city is a good place for businessmen who want to find good investments and opportunities. Chino Hills of California earned a good reputation in the country’s national arena. The city is proud of the title, “America’s Hottest Towns” that it had in the Money Magazine January 2004 issue. Another title that it obtained from the said magazine is the “8th Best Place in the West with a Population under 100,000”. The magazine arrived to that title after they have reviewed data for a decade with communities that are over the average or usual population growth. The city of Chico Hills has a stable economy, has good business opportunities, has a developed and safe community, indeed, the city is one of the best places to live in. It is deserving of all the titles it received.

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Chino Hills Facts

  • Population Total: 74799
  • Square Miles: 44.681
  • Area Code: 714 ; 714 ; & ; 909
  • Elevation: 1070
  • Postal Codes: 91709
  • Timezone: Pacific
  • Website: