About Citrus Heights, California

For travelers who are looking for a magnificent place to spend a vacation, a good place to visit is the city of Citrus Heights in the state of California. During the 19th century, the place was called the “Promised Land” because of the city’s good landscape and plains. As the years went by, developments were introduced in Citrus Heights City such as the Transcontinental Railroad and the wide Lincoln Highway. The creation of these improvements paved ways for the city’s popularity. Convenience to travelers and easy access to merchants were provided. More tourists were also able to see the good things about the city. Due to its continuous development, the city now has 80 transcontinental highways that connect to San Francisco and New York. Citizens, as well as the visitors, can easily go back and forth to the city. Tourists will enjoy the number of malls and shopping centers that the city offers. You can take your family and friends in the Sunrise Mall or on Birdcage Walk Shopping Center to find their favorite items for sale. Small stores can also be found so you will have lots of choice. Citrus Heights also has a fun and cheerful ambiance because of the locals’ hospitality. They can truly intrigue each tourist. Whether you are looking for fun, relaxation or sight-seeing, Citrus Heights is definitely the place to be. It has everything to satisfy your purpose. Do not let the summer end without visiting Citrus Heights, the city is waiting for you.

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Citrus Heights Facts

  • Population Total: 83301
  • Square Miles: 14.228
  • Area Code: 916
  • Elevation: 164
  • Postal Codes: 95610, 95611, 95621, 95662
  • Timezone: Pacific
  • Website: