About Concord, California

Called one time as Todos Santos, Concord is a very alive suburban in the midst of the San Francisco Bay Area. It belongs to the County of Contra Costa and is its very largest city. It never stopped to prosper itself since the inhabitants from the adjacent community relocated into its promising land. Now, it houses very prominent and world class architectures and other works of hand. With a walking distance of 29 miles from San Francisco, Concord is a very busy metropolitan area. Before, the city’s residents were mostly commuting out into other neighboring cities to work, but now, more jobs are offered within Concord as more employers landed into its surface. The Sunvalley Mall is a favorite since it’s feasting with foods, clothes, galleries, pet stores, and other unusual shops. This is also included in the 50 largest malls in the entire region of the United States. The Bank of America, the largest in the nation, has found its way into the corners of the city, too. A powerful energy company, Chevron, also engaged itself into the area. The top spots of Concord are as diverse as its economic world. The Waterworld California is a park consists of Darien Lake, Magic Mountain, Enchanted Village, Elitch Gardens, Splashtown, and Wild Waves. Don Francisco Galindo House is a Victorian type of architecture, while the Don Salvio Pacheco Adobe is a house made primarily of adobe. It also has Baldwin Community Park, Rick Sears Memorial Park, and Lime Ridge Open Space as other attractions.

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