About Dana Point, California

A charming Californian city with a population of 37,326 people, Dona Point City is a small but productive community. It was named after Dana Point, and later, after Richard Henry Dana Jr. Dana Point Harbor offers a wide range of lodging and accommodations which provide great service and comfortable facilities. There are Harbor Houses that provide up to 2,500 boats which provide visitor amenities like guest slips, launch ramps, yacht sales, and more. Unique and scenic, Dana Point has a wide variety of shops, restaurants, and recreational centers to offer its visitors and residents. The restaurants serve world class cuisine enjoyable for any occasion. Tourists may find many intriguing shops and stores which contain may contain rare objets d’art, luxury goods, and quirky souvenirs. The various art galleries and cinemas also provide additional activities and entertainment. The city is also home to numerous sport fishing activities. The marine institution provides various programs for visitors. The sea adventure cruises are enjoyable for the whole day and also the evening. Salt Creek Beach Park is a great place to go surfing or to enjoy a long, romantic walk by the sea shore. It can be the perfect place for anybody and any occasion, from a birthday beach party to an intimate seaside wedding. The Dohoney State Beach, managed by the California Department of Parks and Recreation, allows visitors to freely explore the amazing sights under the sea. The Ocean Institution, founded in 1977, is also worth a visit. It is a non-profit marine educational organization that promotes proper preservation of the sea and all the creatures living beneath it. Dana Point is a fun and scenic place to visit, with all the sights and activities it offers, it is a good way to spend a holiday or special occasion.

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