About Delano, California

Delano City was founded in 1973 but it took time before the place was incorporated. It was on the 13th of April 1913 when the government decided to turn Delano to one of the cities of Kern County. Unlike the other cities in the state of California that rely more on modern production, the residents of Delano remained close to agricultural industry. What makes the Delano popular compared to other cities is its ability to produce a good quality of grapes. The city is also the home of two of the prisons in California, the North Kern State Prison and Kern Valley State Prison. It is also considered as the second largest city in Kern County in which it has a total area of 26.3 km2. Delano City also has parks and recreational centers in order to provide a fun way of relaxation while you can enjoy the view of the environment. Visit the Heritage Park Museum for a more informative tour. One of the major sports that the residents love to play is baseball. There are even organized tournaments for the kids, which are being participated by different teams. It is a city that will continue to progress and with the support of the government Delano will emerge as one of the tourist destinations in Kern County. Also, it is a place where people live harmoniously where trees grow and flowers blossom. Delano City is an ideal place to visit, which is now becoming popular to more travelers.

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