About Fremont, California

Fremont is an extensive city in the suburbs located in the southeast part of San Francisco Bay. It can be found in the Alameda County of the state of California. A lot of residents in Fremont have jobs in the mnay electronics companies found in the Silicon Valley. There are many tourist sites and attractions in Fremont such as famous the Mission San Jose Church and Museum. The Mission of San Jose was founded in the late 17th century in order to protect Spain's claim to the territory. The Spanish educated the native people about the Spanish way of life and taught them Christianity. Today, the church is open for people who want to see it. This amazing monument is the only building and monastery that has continued to survive from the Spanish era. Nowadays though, it acts as a museum that houses an assortment of memorabilia, vestments and artifacts. The Ardenwood Historic Farm is another must-see place in Fremont. From Thursday until Sunday, volunteers and staff of the farm wear Victorian costumes and show visitors how farm chores are done. Visitors can see the different farm animals, lend a hand with the crops, watch how a blacksmith works, and ride on a hay wagon. The other great places that should not be missed in Fremont include Central Park, Lake Elizabeth, and the Don Edwards National Wildlife Regions. There are many things to see and do while inside this marvelous city. Aside from the ones found in the walls of the city, there are a number of activities that can be found outside as well. Visitors can feel like real tourists while riding a cable car via BART in San Francisco.

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