About Indio, California

The name of the city, Indio, means Indian in Spanish. It is a proud city of Coachella Valley within the region of Colorado Desert in Southern California. The city was previously called as “The Hub of the Valley” in the jingle of Chamber of Commerce in the year 1970. Through the years, Indio has been known as the National Bird Sanctuary due to the migration of birds. You are lucky if you are able to see this bird migration during your visit. Aside from tourism, agriculture gives great contribution to the city’s local economy. The Indio City as well as the other southern California cities is responsible for the nation’s date crop. Tourists coming from the different parts of the world are advised to drop by in the Shields Date Garden. This is a huge retail store that is found in the State Highway 111. Aside from this, you can also go to the citrus groves and vegetable fields just nearby. If you love sports like golf, you will surely love your stay in Indio. Since year 2000, golf courses were developed in the city. The best month for you to have your vacation going to the Indio City is from the month of October to May. Most city activities are planned for these months. The city is a great tourist destination that you should never miss in your vacation plan. With the natural sceneries and great tourist attractions that it has, the city can make your vacation the best and fulfilling.

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Indio Facts

  • Population Total: 76036
  • Square Miles: 29.181
  • Area Code: 760
  • Elevation: -13
  • Postal Codes: 92201-92203
  • Timezone: Pacific
  • Website: