About La Quinta, California

The city of La Quinta is most famous for its nickname the “Gem of the Dessert,” it is also known as California’s resort city. La Quinta is situated in the county of Riverside. The city has numerous facilities to offer such as fitness center, public library, La Quinta museum, parks and trails, pools, senior center, and golf courses. The city’s population was estimated in 2009 for about 45,000. This number proves that the population has almost doubled since the year 2000 thus making it a growing city. Even though the whites are the biggest residents in this city, other nationalities have started flocking to this city because of its beauty. The economy of this place is progressive, having a total household income of approximately $75,000. La Quinta’s meaning in English is the fifth, a name which fits the city well because it is the fifth “Hacienda,” a type of estate. Spain colonized Mexico in the past. But after the country declared independence, La Quinta became part of California in 1848. It is 32 square miles of land and water, about 56 feet above sea level. For that reason, the city has hot summers and moderately cool winters. The average temperature is 32 degrees centigrade or 89 degrees Fahrenheit. The average rainfall is less than 5 inches. This is no wonder why its natural beauty made it a destination of choice for those who want to have a warm winter. The city’s main economy is tourism where most visitors are snowbirds, people who avoid the cold weather. Golf courses and pools are the main attraction in this place where the most prominent area is the famous Santa Rosa Mountains.

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