About Lynwood, California

Lynwood is a city located in Los Angeles, California, near Compton and South Gate within the southern part of the Los Angeles Basin. This city is one of the most visited tourist spots in the United States. It is of no doubt one of the most fun-filled cities in the U.S because on its variety of attractions. If you are a shopaholic, or at least a person who loves shopping, you will have an amazing experience with the Centers located within this city. There is the Plaza Mexico where a Town Center has been included in it. It also comprises of different interesting sites such as the Rite-Aid, Food 4 Less Market, and the Marketplace Shopping Center. Not only that, Plaza Mexico is like a treat within a treat for you since its Marketplace Shopping Center is hosting the Chuck E’ Cheese, HomeTown Buffet, El Gallo Giro, El Curacao, La Huesteca and other numerous kinds of specialty shops. Aside from Plaza Mexico, there is also the Long Beach Puma which is a retail center where national credit tenants can be found. Another is the Atlantic Crossing which can be found on the northeast portion of the Lynwood Atlantic Avenue and the Imperial Highway. If you are looking for something with expression, you just need to see this part of Lynwood and its architectural designs will not disappoint you. Atlantic Crossing also includes the Radio Shack, Eurostar, Panda Express, and the Long John Silver as well as KFC. There are more places to visit in Lynwood, you can go to their official website if you want to know more or you can just go to Lynwood and discover these places yourself.

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Lynwood Facts

  • Population Total: 69772
  • Square Miles: 4.840
  • Area Code: 310
  • Elevation: 92
  • Postal Codes: 90262
  • Timezone: Pacific
  • Website: