About Monrovia, California

A great city with a simple beginnings, this is the right phrase to describe this amazing city. This is the birthplace of the world’s most famous fast-food restaurant which just started offering burger and bottomless drink. Being the fourth general law city in Los Angeles, California, Monrovia was founded and has developed from an orange ranches community to a residential community. It is located 2 miles east of Arcadia, California and 15 miles northeast of Los Angeles County, California along the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. Its main attraction includes Upton Sinclair house, home of a well known author and is chosen as one of National Historic Landmark. Monrovia days Parade, participated by the city government employees, students, clubs and organizational group members and among others. Monrovia historical museum, a safe haven of memories of the city; Concerts in the park, performed by the various locale talented artist; Monrovia Arts festival, an event representing different kinds of arts such as painting, photography, sculpture and many more. Transportation system is one of the key to the success of Monrovia, having several main roads and a free way. A light rail is being planned to be built in the city, part of the commitment of the city management for continues improvement. Monrovia has been used several times for filming many TV shows, movies and commercials. It is an evidence of how beautiful this place is. Not only was it able to attract people and business, but it was able to capture the heart of the media.

News from Monrovia