About Montclair, California

Montclair City is situated in California, United States. As of the year 2000, this has a population of 33,049. This City offers very exciting vacation to the tourist because of the rich tourist destination that you can visit. To give you insight with this City, Montclair is located near the proximity of many privately owned colleges or universities. Most of these schools are considered prestigious such as Claremont Colleges, Community Colleges and State Universities. This is a proof that this City is abundant with educational facilities. With regards to the recreational facilities, there are plenty of parks that you can visit. These include Essex Park, Kingsley Park, Montclair Skate Park (at Alma Hofman Park), Saratoga Park, Wilderness Park and a lot more. The sceneries in here are best during sunrise and sunset. Alternatively, if you are off to know the history of the place, you may view the San Bernardino County Library. This educational facility will provide you information about lifelong issues as well as cultural enrichment of the City. Montclair Transportation Center is the primary transportation lines that are present in Montclair. Since this is the biggest transportation here in the City, it also has a parking capacity of 1600 parking spaces. Other transportation facilities here include Omitrans. This provides bus services to the residents of Montclair. Foothill transit will also provide you the same bus service to the other places in the City. Other nice places that you can found here are the Montclair Plaza, Blockbuster Pavilion, Scandia Amusement Park, etc. You can also bring in here your kids if you have and try to take then at the Montclair Disneyland.

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