About Monterey Park, California

Monterey Park City is seated at the county of Los Angeles, which is located in California. The city is one of the successful cities in Los Angeles County because of its progressive economy. More and more companies are establishing headquarters on the place and it has been aiding the city in improving its economy. AT&T, SynerMed, First Data, Southern California Gas Company, and World Journal are some of the companies that have provided employment to the residents of Monterey. Garvey Ranch Observatory is a favorite tourist destination in Monterey wherein a lot of visitors that come to the place make sure to visit it. The observatory can be found in the Garvey Ranch Park. Aside from the observatory, you can also find on the place a library and a museum. There are activities held for the whole year that youth, kids, and adult can enjoy. Youth activities include art and crafts, tournaments, team sports, and a lot of fun activities. It is being participated by various schools and a lot of teens anticipate this event since this is the only chance where they can meet new friends who came from different institution. Adult sports include games such as basketball, volleyball, and softball. Monterey Park City is not only concentrating in improving their economy but the local government is promoting oneness to the community through the various activities offered to its residents. Beautification of the surrounding and cleanliness to city is the most important goal that the government wants to achieve.

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Monterey Park Facts

  • Population Total: 60269
  • Square Miles: 7.672
  • Area Code: 323 ; 626
  • Elevation: 384
  • Postal Codes: 91754-91756
  • Timezone: Pacific
  • Website: