About Northridge, California

Northridge is a community located in the San Fernando Valley region of the City of Los Angeles, California, United States.The 1994 Northridge earthquake is named for the place based on early estimates of the location of the quake's epicenter; however, further refinements showed it to be technically in neighboring Reseda. The area was also heavily damaged in the 1971 San Fernando earthquake.In 1994, the Northridge Little League Baseball team won the United States Little League Championship game, but lost the World Series game to the international team from Zulia-Maracaibo, Venezuela.The U.S. Metric Association is based in Northridge.

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Northridge Facts

  • Population Total: 68,469
  • Area Code: 818
  • Elevation: 797
  • Postal Codes: 91324, 91325
  • Timezone: Pacific