About Norwalk, California

Norwalk city is a suburban area right in Los Angeles County of California. It was founded way back during the late 19th century and was declared as a city by 1957. It is situated about 12 miles northwestern side of Garden Grove. It is also a member of the Gateway Cities Council of Governments and its sister cities are the Sonora, Fresnillo, Hermosillo and Zacatecas in Mexico. The city is also home to Cerritos College and the J.B. Morrison Elementary. The city is also filled with a lot iconic residents in various fields and industries. This goes the same for the numerous movies and television shows that were shot in the city. Examples of these films were The Postman Always Rings Twice, Grease 2, Suburbia, The Karate Kid, Bruno, Life, Heroes, Monk, Speed, and even the music video of Avril Lavigne. The Norwalk city is made up of five neighborhoods namely the Norwalk Hills, Studebaker, Carmenita, Civic Center and the South Norwalk. Just like any other entertainment-filled city from California, Norwalk is not so much different from the rest. It holds the best o events too and one of the best things about the city is its mere location. It sits right at the heart of the growing and progressive transportation network which offers utmost convenience of travel for residents that work in and out of Los Angeles and the Orange Counties. The sun continues to shine on this city up to the present day as it looks forward to a better and much brighter future.

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