About Oceanside, California

Oceanside is a city that is made up of a beautiful and relaxing beachfront community that is located in the northern part of the San Diego County. It makes it in between Los Angeles and San Diego. The entire city serves as a primary transportation link that serves the metropolitan areas. But the greatest pride of the city lies in its amazing beaches that are so worthwhile to surf on and it is where you can find the best vacation weather that you can ever stumble upon worldwide. You can be sure that every guest who has paid a visit to Oceanside always finds a way to come back. Oceanside is a city full of many wonderful attractions to choose from and explore. If you are a pure animal lover, then you can choose from three amazing animal parks and zoos. This is the same for their amusement parks with Disneyland in the lead. They also have a wide range of museums and cultural centers, along with various universities that are home to a lot of baseball fields. It is the perfect city to be in if you want to hang by the beach or you are a fan of fishing and whale watching. Oceanside is also the city where numerous films were shot, including the famous movie of Tom Cruise, Top Gun. Other films include Bring It On, The Whole Ten Yards, Veronica Mars, Diamonds Are Forever, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, The Mentalist, Captain America 1990, To Save A Life and many more.

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