About Palo Alto, California

Palo Alto is situated about 35 miles from San Francisco and a community made up of about 61,000 residents in the state of California. The entire city’s age has grown beyond 100 years old and is named after a giant redwood tree found along the creek of San Francisco. It is a vibrant city filled with business centers and residential spaces that mixes both the new and old face of the place. Its streets are lined up with trees which are typical of the Californian setting but it also has historical buildings that reflect the state’s great heritage. The city is also considered as a leader when it comes to innovative developments and its adventurous mix of what is modern and traditional makes it a worthwhile spot to put up a business. Also known for the title ‘Birthplace of the Silicon Valley’, the city has made a dark fiber ring of about 31 miles that render very fast Internet connection. All its residents are as diverse as its attractions but everyone is well educated and sophisticated. It is also filled with a multitude of organizations within its neighborhood that contribute to the constant up-scaling of the entire city. It is also made up of numerous wide open spaces along with various parks. Its natural environment setting would let you enjoy activities like bird watching. It is also very close to the popular Stanford University that adds charm and educational benefits to the city of Palo Alto and its residents and guests alike.

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