About Paramount, California

Paramount is known to be a highly dynamic city that is attractive and balanced in terms of combining commercial, industrial and residential progress and developments. Numerous businesses are really growing in this city due to a good number of reasons. First is its convenient location being in close proximity to the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach along with the Los Angeles International Airport. Another is its amazing land prices, then their incentive programs and of course, the friendly reputation of the entire city. Paramount has a feel and charm of a small town that is reflected in its tree lined neighborhoods along with the ideal white picket fences. They also offer a wide range of recreational programs, parks and other art centers; not to mention the well landscaped boulevards. You can be sure that you would be safe with their superior police service. All these are the reasons why many decide to move to the city and call it their own home. You must not miss one of their most popular landmarks namely the ice skating rink started by Frank Zamboni. It is also known nowadays as the great Zamboni Machine which has served since 1940 as the training ground for a lot of professional skaters. It has also gained much popularity for the invention of the Zamboni Ice Resurfacing Machine that is used for various ice rinks all around the globe. All these machines are made in Paramount city as well as in Ontario Canada.

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