About Pasadena, California

Basically, Pasadena was incorporated to California in the year 1886. The reason here is for purposes of abolishing the rampant and then spreading alcohol addiction in the city. So, upon its incorporation, there has also been decreed a certain ordinance banning the use of alcohol in the City of Pasadena in California. Going back to etymology, the name Pasadena has been derived from the word valley. But as time passed by, the meaning of valley has been changed to being Crown of the Valley as well as the Key of the Valley. There are lots of interpretations as to the name of the said city but what are important are the more beautiful things about this. That would have included the rose as its national flower. As to what kind or variety of rose, it was not mentioned but as long as it is a rose, that is being given so much emphasis in the said city. Added to that, parrots are also being seen from place to place within the vicinity of California’s Pasadena City. In the year 1959, there were lots of parrots which have escaped from their cages. The reason of some analysts is that it would have been pets of some people in there. They have escaped because of the fire which have broke down and eventually burned and destroyed the Simpson’s Gardenland and Bird Farm there. The parrots were made part of such. Going back to roses, there has been an annual parade of rose flowers being conducted beginning in January 1, 1890. So, it is really enjoying to be there most especially every start of the year because of its festive parade.

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