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Pico Rivera City is part of the many famous cities in Los Angeles County. The city is located in the state of California, USA. There are about 65,200 residents and it is growing at a rapid rate. Pico Rivera in its former roots was a separated community back in the 1870s. Pico was named after a former governor of the state and Rivera was because of the railroads in Topeka, Atchison, Santa Fe and Union Pacific. Because of some incidents like the growth of their agriculture, Pico and Rivera became a close partner for their economy until by 1958 both cities decided it was time for them to make formal amends and make the two cities as one. In Pico Rivera, they keep things preserved and so they did restore their old building from the 19th to 20th centuries. Some cited are the following, the Pico Rivera Municipal Golf Course from the 1965, the Pico Rivera Centre for the Arts from the 1989, the Pico Rivera Historical Museum from the 1887, the Pico Rivera Sports Arena from the 1979, and the City’s Public Library built in 1961 which is famous for its unique circular structure. The library provides reading materials for all ages. If you had the chance to reminisce the 70’s then you would get nostalgic over the climate in Pico Rivera, California because the same weather happens until today in their area, and the winter temperatures tend to be the same in the 1950s. Be sure to drink a lot of liquid during August to avoid heat stroke at their warmest weather of the month. So drop by the city and enjoy nostalgia on Pico Rivera’s former glory.

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