About Redlands, California

The Redlands is a city located in the county of San Bernardino, California. If you are looking for a place of fun and relaxation, you can find it in this city. It is rich in tourist attractions. All you just need is to know all of these attractions, have a place to stay, and the money to finance your visit in the city. Once you have arrived in the City of Redlands, you might want to visit its wonderful museums. There is the Redlands Historical Museums (RHM), San Bernardino County Museums (SBCM), and the Redlands Historical Glass Museums (RHGM). RHM can be found in the downtown part of Redlands, on the very grounds of the Smiley Park and displays different pictures, maps, pamphlets, books, and lots more interesting stuff. On the other hand SBCM is a kind of religious museum that exhibits natural and cultural history. But if you want to see American glassware from the 19th century up to the latest, RHGM is where you should go. Aside from museums, Redlands also have other attractions like various historical structures and several city parks. Among its historical structures are the Kimberly Crest House and Gardens, Edwards Mansion, Morey Mansion, and the Barton School House. With regards to the city parks, there are a total of 14 parks that are open for public. These parks include the Brookside Park, Caroline Park, Community Park, Crafton Park, Ed Hales Park, Jennie Davis Park, Ford Park, Franklin Park, Prospect Park, Simonds Parkway, Smiley Park, Sylvan Park, Texonian Park, and the Redlands Sports Park. Almost all of these parks are naturally developed and is the best place for nature lovers.

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Redlands Facts

  • Population Total: 68747
  • Square Miles: 36.126
  • Area Code: 909
  • Elevation: 1358
  • Postal Codes: 92373, 92374
  • Timezone: Pacific
  • Website: