About Riverside, California

Riverside, named after Santa Ana River found in California City. This is a city in California, has diverse attractions suitable for every guest who’ll visit the area. These attractions would focus on sports and leisure, history, culture, arts and a lot more. This is also known as the home of the mission inn which is considered as the largest mission revival style building. Another known identity of Riverside is as the home of the national cemetery. When it comes to arts and history, Riverside has lots of museums guests can visit to know more about the city and its rich history. Mission Inn Museum has been known because of its classic style that resembles France courthouses. March Field Air Museum is the prime location to see historic air vessels and is perfect for everyone interested in aviation and aeronautics. California Citrus State Historic Park showcases its historic landscape together with its popular citrus industry. Other museums are also found in the area for the guests to choose from. Leisure and sports are also a joy by visiting various Riverside golf courses and theme parks. Canyon Crest Country Club, Paradise Knolls, and Fairmont Park Golf Courses and Country Club are just three of the golf clubs in the area that can meet the guests’ needs in terms of leisure and sports. Theme parks like Castle Park and Adams Kart Track are two of the theme parks suitable for every family member so it’s a great place to visit for family bonding and activities.

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