About San Luis Obispo, California

The city of San Luis Obispo is situated on California’s central coast. It is situated between San Francisco and Los Angeles. It was originated in the year 1772. The city of San Luis Obispo is one of the oldest cities in California. This was recognized also as S.L.O. town. As stated by the National Geographic book, it was considered as the happiest city in America. We can easily identify the description of the environment that revolves around the city through the other name that describes the place. The people and the place itself show the positive sides of life. There are famous landmarks in San Luis Obispo and the Madonna Inn is one of those. It was established by Alex Madonna and it was popular because of its peculiar features. Entertainment center like the Fremont which has a wide screen is also located in the place. The theater has its unique structure that mesmerizes the viewers. Attractive murals decorate its walls while neon lights are in the ceiling. The annual San Lorenzo Obispo International Festival is taken in Palm Theater which is also located in the city. Another tourist spot in the place is the Bubblegum Alley. Even in the early years, the people who visit this place used to stick bubblegum on the walls of the passageway. Some architectural structures are also in this place that was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Guests who visit this place will definitely enjoy it because the city of San Luis Obispo offers only the best facilities.

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San Luis Obispo Facts

  • Population Total: 45119
  • Square Miles: 12.777
  • Area Code: 805
  • Elevation: 233
  • Postal Codes: 93401-93403, 93405-93410, 93412
  • Timezone: Pacific Standard Time
  • Website: